Selena Gomez reveals details of her next single

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After revealing the title and release date for the next album from Selena Gomez & The Scene, Selena Gomez has now told us the title of the next single from the group. She's nice isn't she?

Their next album, Otherside, will be released in the UK on July 4th, and Selena took to her Twitter to tell us the name of the next single.

"Next is... "I, I Love You Like A Love Song Baby..." ;) next singles cominnnnn. Ready??"

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Ever the mysterious girl (cue Peter Andre singing), Selena left it at that and didn't give any further details about the release date or NUFFIN'.

Still, it's pretty exciting isn't it?

Check out her current single Who Says below, and click on for some pictures of Selena looking fab.

Click next for some Selena lovliness...

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