Example's given a song to The Wanted!

The Wanted boys are in the middle of making their next album of joy, wonder and delight - with a little help from Example.

Example and the boys have always had a bit of a giggle together; last year Example said that The Wanted look like a load of extras from Hollyoaks, and they covered his Kickstarts as a b-side to Heart Vacancy.

Example said that he submitted a track to the boys because they're "a good laugh."

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"They don’t take themselves too seriously," he told the Daily Star.

"If I was going around the country having a laugh with women throwing themselves at me, I’d think it was amazing."

Er, isn't that exactly what he's doing? We'd certainly take a good run up if he came around to our neck o' the woods.

Talay Riley's also been sending some stuff over to The Wanted for their next album - click here to find out what it sounds like.

The boys have already revealed that they've got some collaborations planned bigger than Jordan's rack, and that they might try to 'crack' America after its release.


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