Alright StooShe, where have you been all our lives?

The only thing we can recommend doing right now is wiping your mind of every other girl band that ever existed, as StooShe have come here to blow the rest out the water.

They’re a proper feisty trio haling from South East London and the press release describes them as a mix of Destiny’s Child and Lily Allen.

Yeah, we suppose you could describe them as that, except they use more swear words in one song than what DC have said between them in their entire lives; and while Lily likes to pretend she’s a bit rough and from “da street”, this lot actually are.

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Also, listening to StooShe will make you feel instantly cooler. In fact we’re the least cool people we know and we already feel a bit well’ard and edgy after watching their current video, Betty Woz Gone.

So why don’t you give it a look? Although we should warn you that they swear a total of 13 times in it (yeah we’re so cool we counted) and they talk about drugs and stuff, so if your sensitive soul gets a little upset by all that then you should probably skip it.

So what do you think? Cooler than cool or do you prefer you girl groups to come minus the swear box?

Comments please…

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