Tulisa plans to duet with Little Mix again!

After Little Mix and Tulisa's bloody wonderful Alicia Keys mash-up on the X Factor final over the weekend, Tulisa's hinted than she wants to duet with the girls again for an actual proper single for her next album.

"There's been talks, but I'm not 100%," she said on The Xtra Factor.

"I would love to do this... when I release my album we might re-record [the mash-up] as a single and put it on my album, so we'll see how it goes."

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Well now that the girls have won the show (whooopeee!) there's gonna be a choice of two albums to put it on, after Little Mix release their cover of Damien Rice's Cannonball as their typically-a-bit-dull Winner's Single.

What did you think of their duet with Tulisa?

What about the choice of Winner's Single?

We were hoping for something a bit less likely to make us want to go and find an actual cannon to shoot a cannonball at us when it's on so we don't have to listen to it anymore, but Little Mix's version is the best we've heard - and hopefully they've got some more up-tempo numbers in the mix (heh) for their album.


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