The Wanted: 'There's no competition with One Direction for screaming girls'

The Wanted, as we all know, are a funny bunch. Recently they've been chatting away about their fans, and how they think they have more of a fanbase in men and mums rather than with young girls.

Er, we're sure we could round up one or two gals that wouldn't mind some time with The Wanted.

The Wanted at T4 Stars of 2011

"A lot of mums like us," Max George told the Daily Star.

"Tesco charts – we smash it. We're like the boyband version of SuBo."

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Siva even thinks they have more male fans than female, and that One Direction seem to have dominated the gal-pal fanbase.

Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted

"There's not much competition with One Direction when it comes to screaming girls," he reckons.

"We have a lot more 19-year-old screaming men."

Not that it really matters who your fans are as long as they're fans, but if the screaming girls we've seen at The Wanted shows, waiting outside studios, offices and record labels for them is anything to go by, then guys, YOU ARE SO WRONG.

So there.

Are you a fan of The Wanted? Who are you, a mum / man / gal?

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