One Direction's new song: I Should Have Kissed You

One Direction have posted a minute long preview of their B-Side to One Thing, and so far it's proved to be nothing but a grammatical nightmare.

Their official email and Soundcloud called the single I Should Of Kissed You, which we all know is WRONG JUST WRONG, and should really be I Should Have Kissed You.

So for the sake of this article, we're just gonna call it Snog.

One Direction performing at the radio 1 teen awards 2011

The track will feature as the 'b-side' (which seems like a lost term on music you download, but nevermind) to One Thing when it's released on February 12th, and sounds like it would have fitted on the album perfectly.

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What do you guys think of Snog?

One Direction's One Thing single cover

Niall Horan Irish dancing at One Direction show

Harry Styles flipping his hair at One Direction show

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