Harry Styles being pushed as One Direction lead singer?

Despite Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles getting to do most of the singing for One Direction, the group have always been billed as five equals. HOWEVER, reports from America are saying that One Direction's U.S management are keen to have Harry as a frontman, as boybands in America apparently work better if they have a lead singer.

Harry Styles from One Direction singing on Children In Need 2011

"Columbia music execs are rubbing their hands with glee," a source from America told the Daily Star.

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"It looks like One Direction are going to be absolutely massive in America.

"They decided long ago that Harry is a natural frontman.

"He’s funny, confident and has a great voice."

Now, we might be slightly biased (although we're sure we've made our love for One Direction pretty subtle really), but aren't the other guys funny and confident with great voices?

harry styles from one direction on stage in blue blazer with niall horan

Apparently the group aren't too keen on the idea of a frontman, and (like everyone else) want everything to just big-fat-stay-as-it-is.

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"They are determined to carry on the way they have been – without a lead singer," says the insider.

"Harry certainly hasn’t asked for all this attention."

What do you guys think? Should Harry be a frontman? Should someone else be a frontman? Or should they just stay as they are?

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