VIDEO: Katy Perry talks The Sims 3 Showtime!

So do you remember we told you a while ago that Katy Perry was joining forces with The Sims 3 Showtime to create a game that you would be mad not to get your hands on?

Well if you don’t then worry not, because Katy explained it all again and even gave us all a sneak peek into her fancy trailer for the game.

Katy Perry behind-the-scenes The Sims 3 Showtime Trailer

The special expansion pack has loads of fancy Katy Perry themed content, like her hairstyle, fashion, guitars and even, wait for it, FRUIT-THEMED staging!

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Can you imagine?

After getting over the initial excitement of the game, we thought it was about time to listen to what the lady herself had to say about it all:

“You could be a medley of different things, you could be a DJ, a magician, a singer, an acrobat, you can twirl fire. Basically you could be the most talented Sim ever!”

Katy Perry The Sims 3 Showtime behind the scenes video

She then spoke about filming her the trailer for the game and it looked like it was a lot of Katy Perry themed fun if you ask us:

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“I actually made a point in the trailer, I bought my first guitar that I wrote all my songs on so that I could feel what it felt like in the very beginning when I was playing on the street.”

A nice touch, don’t you think?

Check out the video below to see Katy Perry talking all things Sim.

And you’ll be pleased to know that the game is released on Friday, so not long to wait until you can make your fire-tossing, DJ-ing acrobatic singing Sim.


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