Rihanna's been hard at work filming the video for Where Have You Been (which she's set to release after Talk That Talk - advance planning hey?), and has ditched her blonde locks she's kept since a shoot for Elle magazine in favour of a darker barnet again.

Ever a generous lady, RiRi shared her new hair with the world. Topless.

rihanna topless twitter picture new dark hair
Rihanna / Twitter / Lockerz

She seems pretty dressed up with acessories though, so maybe this is her outfit for the new video? *suggestive eyebrow* But what is that wig on a stick?

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Rihanna's choreographer tweeted over the weekend; "First day of rehearsals for @rihanna video. Long day 2day! #Wherehaveyoubeen."

Last week Rihanna put out a remix of album track Birthday Cake featuring Chris Brown, as he revealed a new version of Turn Up The Music featuring Rihanna. Check them both out here.

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