The Wanted's Max George on angry One Direction fans

All the talk of supposed rivalry between The Wanted and One Direction just isn't piping down. As The Wanted get ready to appear on Jay Leno and One Direction prepare for Saturday Night Live, more comments have come out about the two groups.

We reckon they should join forces and make supergroup of epic boyband hotness, leaving a trail of drool and passed our girls everywhere they go. But we might be waiting a while...

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max george says one direction fans get angry easily

Max doesn't seem to see One Direction as rivals to The Wanted in America though, or even as competition.

"Our song is No4 in the charts," he told The Sun.

"Maybe when they have a song right next to us in the charts over there, they'll be competition."

It sounds like he hasn't meant for anything he's been quoted as saying lately to get anyone upset, either.

"Whenever you say anything about One Direction their fans get a little bit angry," he went on.

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"I guess because they're quite young."

one direction fans get angry easily, says max george from the wanted

This is after The Wanted's Nathan Sykes said that he wants to take the One Direction lads out on a night on the town, where they can go to a strip club and have drinking competitions.

We might stay in and watch Take Me Out that night.

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