One Direction confirm a 20 city North American tour!

Earlier in the week, One Direction had a little chat with Ryan Seacrest.

And do you remember how, right at the end of the interview, Ryan tried to be very cryptic but basically said that there was a big announcement coming on Wednesday?

Well, today is Wednesday, and boy was the announcement big – One Direction are doing a 20 City tour of North America!

One Direction confirm US Tour

Ryan Seacrest said: ‘We can officially announce that One Direction are going on a 20 city tour of North America. Now, what can you tell us about that 20 city tour boys?’

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Ryan was obviously looking for some sort of humongous scoop, but instead some clown said: ‘We are gong to be doing 20 cities and we’re going to be touring 20 cities in America.’

Wow. We would have NEVER guessed that.

Check out the audio below, it sounded like they were pretty darn excited.


If they’re homesick now, what on earth are they going to be like after a tour that’ll keep them away from home for even longer?!

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For more information about where One Direction are stopping off on their big old tour, just click right here.

And as for the rest of you who aren’t lucky enough to live in the States, maybe this will help?

Better yet, maybe the lads could make time for a European tour as well. We understand they're busy, but it would be good.

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