One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful to be covered on Glee?

Have you heard the news? Apparently One Direction are set to have their song What Makes You Beautiful covered on Glee!

They’ll be following in the footsteps of other British talent like The Wanted and Adele and we can just imagine them all being pretty excited.

One Direction to be covered on Glee

Oh for goodness sake boys, we leave you with the Blue Glee paint for TWO MINUTES.

Anyway, according to The Sun, Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester on Glee, said: “I’ve heard of them, they’re really taking over the States.

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“We are covering one of their songs on Glee; What Makes You Beautiful. I need to YouTube it to practise.”

He also joked: “They’ve made it now though, they’re on Glee! This will probably help their record sales too.”

Erm, we hate to break it to you Matthew, but we think their record sales are going pretty well at the moment, considering they’ve got to number one and all that.

Anyway, all this talk is very exciting, but do you think the boys will end up wearing matching suits and doing choreographed moves after their song is used on the show?

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Because that’s what people might expect from them after Glee doing a jazzed-up version.

We don’t want to worry you but we can kind of see this happening.

One Direction to be covered on Glee

They all look very dapper in suits, we know, but is it a good idea that Glee cover What Makes You Beautiful?

To be honest, it probably couldn’t hurt. And maybe Matthew is right, it could help them, somehow. But which Glee character can you see singing the lads' parts?

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