Conor Maynard wants to chase Susan Boyle into the sunset

Conor Maynard is probably feeling like he’s the king of the world right now, with a number two single under his belt and everyone hailing him as “the next big thing”.

There’s something missing from Conor’s career though, and that’s a special lady for him to share the stage with for a perfect duet. Susan Boyle we’re looking at you.

During his Nando’s gig (hhhmmmmm Nando’s), Conor was asked who he’d most like to duet with and confessed that he’d like to “think outside the box” with the one and only SuBo.

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“I mean can you imagine the music video?” he said. “Me in like some Ferrari and her on a white stallion running into the sunset and I’m like chasing her.

“I think that would be amazing.”

Yes that would be amazing, we’d particularly like to see a kiss at the end. Maybe as it rains... while the sun sets... oh there’d be a rainbow!

Right, who do we need to give biscuits to make this happen?

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