One Direction's More Than This video to premiere on Friday in Australia

To all the Directioners who thought they knew everything there was to know about One Direction, it seems that they have pulled a neat little trick on you because there is a fabulous surprise coming your way..

One Direction's More Than This video premieres on Friday in Australia

You see, Sony Music Australia announced 3 hours ago on their Facebook page:

‘BIG NEWS Directioners! Today Show Australia will be premiering the music video for One Direction’s ‘More Than This’ THIS FRIDAY morning! Who’s excited?’

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Are you kidding? OF COURSE WE’RE EXCITED.

And according to The Hot Hits, there are two tres interesting rumours doing the rounds about this video.

The first rumour (and the one that we love the most) is that apparently it was filmed in Paris on Valentines day. Aw, can you imagine?

The other rumour is that it is tour footage/behind the scenes footage from the Up All Night DVD.


One Direction's More Than This video premieres on Friday in Australia

We prefer the idea of the video being filmed in le Paris because it'll be tres romantic. But will everyone be ‘le ded’ after watching the video on Friday morning in Australia (or whatever time zone you are in)? Only time will tell..

And so the countdown to the More Than This video begins. See you in a fangirl mess on Friday.

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