One Direction 'can't wait' for fans to hear their new music

So it would seem that our ponderings last week were in fact correct because One Direction have been tweeting like mad about working in the studio in Sweden, which therefore means that a new album will be coming our way soon!

One Direction in Sweden recording second album

We picked our way through some tweets and even marveled at Zayn’s bad boy swaggering once again (because that video must be watched more than once) and we now firmly believe that the lads are back in Sweden recording their second album.

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If they’re not, then these tweets really don’t make any sense at all..

You see, Niall tweeted: ‘great day in studio! Just finished…off to sleep! Long day ! see you all tomorrow #1DinSweden’ [sic]

Liam also joined in the Twitter fun: ‘Morning recording has been going amazing having a great time and can’t wait for you to hear some of the stuff hope we make you proud xxxxxx’

Then Niall tweeted AGAIN: ‘sitting writing a song with @louis_tomlinson, @harry_styles and @real_liam_payne while @zaynmalik is in booth recording his bit on a tuuune’

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(If that one does scream NEW ALBUM, we don’t know what does)

And then Louis even tweeted (about something other than Britain’s Got Talent): ‘Just seen the trends. Thank you so much, can’t wait for you guys to hear our new stuff!!’

One Direction are in Sweden recording their second album

So now that it’s basically a definite that One Direction’s new album will be gracing our ears very soon and the lads seem very happy with it all, that leaves only one major question that has been left unanswered for obvious reason, but we still feel we have to ask..

What on earth is this album going to sound like?

We only ask because we’re wondering if there’s going to be a bit of Bradford Bad Boy’s ™ rapping mixed in with a What Makes You Beautiful style riff?

Or if they’re going to shock everyone and come out with a Country album?


Are One Direction back in Sweden to record their second album?

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