Rochelle Wiseman talks 30 Days, her dream girl band, and The Saturdays' sixth member

Anyone who knows anything will know that the world is a little better when The Saturdays have a single out, which is lucky as 30 Days is out now.

We sat down to have a lovely chat with Rochelle Wiseman about The Sat’s new song and some other very serious, music related things.

So, tell us about 30 Days.

"It’s a really upbeat, catchy song but the sentiment behind it is being all excited and counting down the days to seeing someone when you’ve really been missing that person."

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And, Miss Wiseman, what is it that you’d like to be doing in 30 days time? Ahem.

"Haha! It can be whatever way you wanna see it... It’s thirty days until you see who you wanna see. Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be!"

The Saturdays are the biggest girl band around at the moment, but if you had to make your ultimate girl band of dreams who would you put in it?

“Hmm... I’d definitely put Beyoncé in there. Erm... Oh –  and Shakira. Rihanna has to be in it. I really like Rita Ora at the minute so I’d stick her in too.”

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Would you put yourself in too?

“Yeah I’d go in, maybe just for a little bit as something on the side!”

You are pretty busy we suppose.

“Haha, a bit!”

Una Healy’s baby, Aoife-Belle is nearly two months now, has she started preparing for her audition for The Saturdays yet?

“She doesn’t need to audition, Una performed when she was seven months pregnant on tour, so that was her audition. We won’t put her through another one!”

That and we worry about child labour laws...

Check out 30 Days and have a massive arms-in-the-air dance with us.

We frickin’ love that lot.

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