One Direction perform What Makes You Beautiful for their VEVO GO Show

So when One Direction were in Hollywood, they went to a diner on a film set and surprised a group of kids who thought they had come to watch a screening of a ‘never before see One Direction DVD’.

Sounds like a pretty perfect scenario, right?

Well there was something that made it even better..

One Direction perform at a diner in Hollywood

Usually when we show you a One Direction video that includes them performing to an audience, we need to warn you that your ears basically won’t work afterwards due to the excessive amounts of screaming throughout.

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But this time, that kind of warning just won’t be necessary, because the audience were quiet and LISTENED to One Direction singing What Makes You Beautiful.

Aw, did you see Liam and Louis playing with the ketchup and sugar? Obviously performing to an audience who weren’t screaming kind of threw them a bit.

If you’d like to know more about this whole VEVO GO Shows and specifically One Direction’s awesome show, there is a delightful behind the scenes video.

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To be honest, we’re in shock. We had our ears all prepared for some serious screaming, but instead we actually heard One Direction singing in perfect harmony.

Lovely stuff.

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