Lets all watch some of One Direction's best live performances together

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One Direction have done lots of performances over this whirlwind of a year since they hit the big time (and back when they were first put together), but there have been some instances which have been so impressive that we want to relive them again.

One Direction live videos

Now we’re going to take you back, right to the start of One Direction’s journey.

For who could forget their first ever performance as a newly formed band in front of Simon Cowell & Sinitta?

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Beautiful stuff.

Just to see how much they improved during the show, check out One Direction performing Torn again in the semi-final of the X Factor.

We may have shed a tear just then.

Don’t judge.

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One Direction’s performance at the Teen Awards was certainly something to shout about (and the audience did just that) while the lads belted out Na Na Na and What Makes You Beautiful.




Fast forwarding to this year, One Direction did a lovely little acoustic performance of What Makes You Beautiful in a radio station across the pond.

This may sound like a normal occurrence but One Direction were joined by PUPPIES.

WARNING: Cuteness overload.

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An amazing moment which happened very recently (we’re talking a couple of weeks ago) was One Direction’s performance in a Diner.




Why was it so special?

Well, not because of all the fried food, but the fact that there was not one scream while they sung.

See? Amazing.

One Direction have also been down under, and they performed on the prestigious Logie Awards over there and it was pretty exciting because they all looked so dapper.

Some of Australia’s television finest were fangirling at this performance because One Direction’s power knows no bounds.

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A moment which we’re sure One Direction will never forget was when they performed on The Today Show to thousands of screaming fans.




That was CRAZY. (Partly because they sung so many songs and party because they came in on a red London bus)

Something else that One Direction did which we thought was so amazing (that made us worry about what may happen to all the ovaries) was when they joined JLS on stage and created a boyband supergroup.

That was also pretty crazy actually.


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On this journey through some of One Direction’s best live moments (please note, we could never ever put them all in because there is just too many of them) we have taken you to America, Australia, right back to the beginning of their career and to a very recent point, but one performance outshines all of those put together.




And here is it.


We’re sure you’ve all seen these performances a hundred times or more, but looking back on them makes us smile, and we hope it made you smile too.

Anway, if you did just watch all of those videos (because you felt you had to, for us) then you’ve just been looking at One Direction’s faces for over half an hour.

So it’s a win/win situation as far as we’re concerned.

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