One Direction mock Zayn Malik's tattoo & Niall Horan raps at LA show

One Direction's Bradford Bad Boy Zayn Malik is working on his badass reputation, and has got himself a new - MASSIVE - tattoo of a microphone, because he's well 'ard.

But he got it facing his elbow rather than his wrist, because he's also totes serious, and wouldn't be caught dead pretending to warble Call Me Maybe down his mic-tattoo after a few babyshams.

He's so intense.

zayn malik new tattoo

When the boys performed in LA's Gibson Amphitheatre this weekend, the rest of the band took the opportunity to take the piss out of Zayn's thug-like tendencies as he flashed his new ink on stage.

zayn malik one direction tattoo on stage

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Pretty ingeniously, the boys all slapped their actual microphones onto their forearms so they could be like Zayn.

They all looked pretty divvy so soon took them away - apart from Zayn, who'll be keeping his mic FOREVER.

louis tomlinson and harry styles mock zayn malik's tattoo on stage in la

In other news, when the boys were answering Twitter questions, Niall busted out a very rehearsed sounding rap, featuring all the American classics.

From 5mins in, listen out for;

  • "It's ya boy"
  • "Californ-i-a"
  • Lots of "yeah... uhhh... yeah... uhhh"

Then they just do the Fresh Prince theme tune, as usual.


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Images: Twitter

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