VIDEO: Niall Horan sings Ed Sheeran's The A Team (with a little help from Harry Styles)

Meanwhile, Louis sat and watched the whole thing like a proud parent.


One Direction as a whole have got a bit of a bromance going on with Ed Sheeran it seems.

And just to prove that the love runs deep, they even sung his song The A Team at their gig in Anaheim, California.

Niall was nominated by his fellow bandmates to sing a snippet of his favourite Ed Sheeran song (as requested by a fan) however after a moment, they all decided to join in.

Liam and Zayn kept it simple by providing a bit of harmony, Louis actually didn't sing out loud, but we're sure was humming along, and then.. Harry Styles came in.

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What do you think of Niall's rendition of The A Team (with a little help from the rest of the lads of course)?

We thought it was a beautiful moment, but was Harry maybe a little too loud?

Sound off on Twitter @Sugarscape, please.

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