Are One Direction actually in talks with Justin Bieber about album collaboration?

When we first heard the rumours that Justin Bieber would love to work with One Direction on their next album, we were excited.

And it all seems to have stepped up a notch because Bieber has apparently let slip some insider knowledge.

Justin Bieber and One Direction collaborating

According to The Mirror, the Biebs told them:

‘We were talking about me collaborating with them on a song on their next album. It’s gonna be great’

‘And I asked them who else they would like to work with. They were, like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.

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‘Now don’t get me wrong those are all very talented artists but there seems to be a pattern emerging and, looking at the smile on the guys’ faces, I don’t think it was all about the music…

‘They sure have an eye for the ladies but, even better for the guys, the ladies have a bit of an eye for them, too.

‘From what I hear they shouldn’t have much trouble trying to persuade Rihanna, Katy or Taylor to work with them… if you know what I’m saying.'

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We hear ya JB, we hear ya.

One Direction and Justin Bieber

Justin added: ‘The great thing about them is that they might be the biggest band in the world, but they have stayed regular guys who are just fun to hang with.

‘I don’t see them changing. They are just so grounded and have each other.’

Ain’t that nice?

To gage how you all are feeling about this possible collaboration, we’d like to take a vote. All those in favour type YES in the comment box, all those who really don’t like the idea, whack a great big NO in there.

And leave a reason too if you like.

Justin Bieber: ‘If One Direction want me on their album, they just have to ask’

One Direction may be too busy practicing the Macarena to collaborate with Bieber..

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