The View have written for One Direction, Kyle Falconer reveals

After admissions from Ed Sheeran and Boyce Avenue that they're helping One Direction compile tracks for their second album, The View's frontman Kyle Falconer has revealed that he too has written songs for the record.

This is more surprising than when our boyfriend didn't like that Harry Styles poster we got for the bedroom. Ceiling.

the view writing songs for one direction

"I’m writing and recording all these tunes," Kyle told Razz HQ.

“The ones I put in for One Direction were the ones that people said were too wimpy for The View.

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“There’s a few of them – we write songs non-stop.”

"it would be good to do stuff with them. It would be good to do a lot of things with them.” OOH ERR FALCY.

one directin have been given songs by the view

We imagine anyone who can crack out a melody is submitting songs for One Direction at the moment. Heck, we've even send them in our much treasured demo tracks of Cock Watch Holiday and Nandos Forever.

This time next year we'll be living on a yacht in sunny Mexico from the royalites. We're sure of it.

Exclusive Ed Sheeran: "I have THREE songs for One Direction's next album"

One Direction heading to the studio with Boyce Avenue

Images Wenn / PA

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