Parade are back! But better, on a new label, and... just better

Parade. Remember Parade? At the beginning of last year there was a SEA of new girlbands being slopped all over us in a slobbery mess of five part harmonies, and Parade were one of them.

parade in onesises drinking wine

Where most of the other groups dropped off the radar (Hey Wonderland, how you doin'?), Parade managed to get a top ten hit with their debut single Louder, and then kind of sort of plummeted into the depths of limbo with their second track Perfume.

BUT they could actually sing, like when they cracked out a medley for us one day while holding a football. Lovely gals.


Since then, they've parted ways with their record label and are recording shiny new music with some musico types who've worked with Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Sugababes and All Saints - so who probs know what they're doing.

We've heard their first new track Light Me Up, and it's pretty much exactly what they should have been doing the first time around (it also includes "need to take me higher / baby I won't deny yaaaa" and we bloody live a rhyme like that).

It's more sincere than their original sounds, and far more friendly towards a chart that currently looks like  'FEAT. DAVID GUETTA.'

Here's a sample smaller than Aston Merrygold's nipples to tide you over until it's released as a free download on August the 1st.

The artwork's a bit crap, but hopefully that's because they're spending time working on their new 'image', which will ideally be more of the high-heels and onesies.


The Wanted POO in Parade's dressing room

Parade cover One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful

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