One Direction reach 12 million sales and are basically Kings of everything

One Direction - as much as we love them - they don't half make us depressed about our life achievements every now and again.

While we were celebrating getting on the correct bus during Olympic rush hour, 1D went and notched up 12 MILLION sales in a year, made up of eight million singles, three million albums, and one million DVDs.

That's as if every single person in Portugal bought something One Direction based, and a couple got spares for their cars and second cousins twice removed.

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one direction reach 12 million sales

To celebrate, they were given a special disc by Syco and Sony Music last night, and Liam said some sensible stuff about their achievement. Obviously.

"We are obviously ecstatic and incredible humbled by our award today," said the voice of reason. God, imagine if he and Marvin Humes ever have long chats? We bet they're WELL serious.

Anyway. "We have an incredible team of people around us who have helped us achieve this, and above all we would like to thank our fans. We owe all our success to them."

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liam payne from one direction

He must have been cut short before he could add on "Especially Sugarscape," but we'll forgive him because he makes our knickers smile.

In other celebrations, we spent bloody ages doing THIS to make a fuss about the boys being around for two years, so check it out yeah?

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Images: Wenn / PA

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