Zayn Malik's blonde badger quiff - love or loathe

The Olympic Closing Ceremony left us with many questions, but after realising that the big finale wasn't going to involve the Spice Girls falling arse over tit off those taxis after all, we were left with one unanswered issue in need of further investigation: what WAS that thing Zayn Malik had nestled under his hat?

Zayn Malik debuts new blonde highlights at Olympic Closing Ceremony

At first we naturally assumed that a small badger had found its way onto Zayn's forehead in hope of a snuggle, but after careful assessment, we think it's safe to say that someone has gone and got himself a highlight. Singular.

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The cheekboned one's hair has definitely been looking less poofy than usual lately, but in special honour of the Olympics, his quiff made a special appearance, turning up to help out the lads on stage.

To be honest, we nearly missed 1D's flash of a performance entirely, we were so shocked by the apparition bobbing about his forehead.

But presumably Zayn was feeling a tad patriotic and not allowed to take to the stage in a glittery catsuit, decided to extend the going for gold theme to his barnet.

Zayn Malik gets out his new blonde badger quiff at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Floppy or quiffy, we're not fussy what Zayn does with his hair. Frankly he could invest in some galoshes and start calling himself Percy the Park Keeper and we'd still fancy him.

But what do you think - are you loving or loathing the badger quiff situation?

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