Robert Pattinson: 'I've been writing a lot of music lately'

Robert Pattinson has been pretty careful about keeping his feelings about the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders snogs to himself. But after hearing that he's been spending his free time writing songs, it's got us wondering if he's planning to bare his soul (and hopefully the nitty gritty details) through the medium of song.

Robert Pattinson writing new music - Could it be about Kristen Stewart?

Rob's music was already pretty deep and meaningful, but we can only imagine the world of Taylor Swift style pain he might be set to unleash in his new tracks.

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"I've been writing a lot of stuff recently," Rob said, when asked about his music by MTV. "With Twilight coming to a close, I feel more comfortable doing that.

"I miss it. I might do some stuff soon," he added.

Well, we can't help thinking it might be a better way to work through your break up woes than wandering around the house in saggy pants whole mouthing along the words to old episodes of Antiques Roadshow.

Fingers crossed it'll involve a blow by blow account of what actually happened with Kristen, with added groaning for effect.

What do you think his new music might be like?

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