One Direction to reveal big news this week!

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One Direction have been beavering away in the studio for what seems like our entire lives, but it's all been worth the wait as apparently they've got some big news to reveal on Thursday at 1pm GMT.

One Direction to reveal big news this week - is it about their new album?

There are very few details about what it is the lads are getting ready to reveal, but it sounds like all the suspense has got Liam jumping up and down in a way we can only imagine is very similar to a small boy desperate for a wee.

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"Can't wait to let u all know the news. Only a few dayssss to wait," he tweeted. [sic]

"Guys as you know we've been in studio a lot lately...Big announcement coming Thursday night! Can't wait to tell you all," Niall added.

If that's not enough to get you doing the portaloo hop, the lads have also posted several rather cryptic messages on their Facebook page that make us think it might even be revealed later on this week.

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"This Thursday and Friday something *massive* is going down in 1D world," the first message reads, followed by another post saying, "The boys are up to something *really* exciting today - what do you all think it could be?" 

One Direction to reveal big news this week - is it about their new album?

Now it's all a very big mystery as to what this is all actually about but naturally we've come up with a few theories that we could see being very likely.

1. The lads have sent Liam off on a confidence course to finally conquer his crippling fear of spoons. By Friday he will be cured and ready to be released on the world as a totally new man. The lads will celebrate by performing a rendition of What Makes You Beautiful with Liam taking centre stage and playing percussion on a whole handful of spoons.

2. They're all getting tattoos of each other's faces. On their faces. 

3. Having always felt a sassy hole in his life, the lads have finally tracked down Louis' distant sasquatch relatives. In a Blind Date type scenario, Harry will take on the role of Cilla Black as he and the lads finally reunite Luigi with his sassy relations before releasing them all back into the wild.

4. Then again, maybe they are going to make some sort of grand announcement about the new album / first single / filming a new music video.

To be honest, we have no idea what they are up to, but we really can't help hoping it features a sasquatch family. But what do you think it might be?

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