Taylor Swift's new song is about Kevin Hart. Maybe.

The mystery as to which ex-boyfriend Taylor Swift's new track We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is all about has just got about 428.3 times more complicated.

Mainly because there's a new man claiming to be the guy in question and it isn't Jake Gyllenhaal or Joe Jonas. Or Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, the Dalai Lama or Mr Potatohead either.

Taylor Swift's new song is all aboyut VMA host Kevin Hart?

That's right, apparently the track is actually all about this year's VMA host, Kevin Hart. Well, according to him anyway.

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From the look of this video, things could get a touch awkward at September's VMAs, what with Kevin in charge of the microphone and Taylor set to perform the song live and all.

To be honest, we never realised they were that close, but Kevin seems to think Tay Swizz has been doing the dirty on their deep, emotional connection. Plus he's got some pretty good evidence if that photo he's been waving about is anything to go by.

Check out the video..

Well someone had to tell her.

What do you think?

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