One Direction film video for Live While We're Young

One Direction definitely don't hang around and having just announced that the debut single off their second album is set to be Live While We're Young, they've headed straight off to film the accompanying video.

One Direction film music video for new single Live While We're Young

The lads have been dropping all sorts of hints about the new track all week and apparently filming for the brand video kicked off yesterday.

Naturally it's all very top secret but that hasn't stopped 1D letting slip a few little hints about what we can expect.

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"Great day shooting for the music video for 'Live While We're Young' bit nippy..," Harry tweeted.

Nippy? We sincerely hope this means that the lads will be both topless and frolicking about in some sort of water again.

One Direction film video for new single Live While We're Young

"What a day yesterday shooting the video! gona be sick! director is a legend! still in bed now! starvin but cudnt be bothered," Niall added [sic].

Unfortunately Liam has kept his Captain Sensible shoes firmly on and wasn't giving away anything though.

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"Such a busy day !! I hope your all excitedd for the new singgllleee," he said.

Oh we are - don't you worry you pretty little faces about that one.

One Direction film first video for first single off the new album, Live While We're Young

With very few details, we can't help wondering what on earth the new vid is going to be all about. We'd like to think it involves nudity, puppies, spoons and maybe Kevin The Pigeon. But what do you want to see in it?

Comments and general pervings below please.

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