One Direction win THREE Moon Men at the MTV VMA's 2012

We imagine One Direction are celebrating like crazy right now - after picking up not one, not two, but THREE awards at the MTV VMA's in LA last night.

Earlier this morning (much, much, much earlier) we reported that One Direction had nabbed themselves two Moon Men in the Most Shareworthy Video and Best Pop Video categories.

one direction win three moon men at the mtv vmas

Well, since then they were also declared winners of the 'Best New Artist' Award - beating fellow brits The Wanted as well as Carly Rae Jepsen and fun.

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Accepting the award for Best Pop Video (and a kiss!) from Katy Perry, Niall said: "Wow, thank you very much Katy. Thanks for the kiss. Thank you so much. We've grown up watching this show. And to even be here is an honour and to collect one of these is absolutely incredible.

"Straightaway we would like to thank the most important people: our fans who have followed us through our two year rollercoaster journey and have helped us win this award for Best Pop Video. So thank you," 

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"I just want to say we've had this award for two seconds and already we broke it so there's a good start," Liam joked, before Louis added: "This one's for the fans."

Listen to the speech in full below:

Since winning the trio of gongs, the boys have taken to twitter to express their gratitude.

"Wow can't believe we won three awards ! I said it on stage but i'll say it again! The awards are because of you guys , thank you everyone !" wrote Louis.

While Niall tweeted: "Guys what the hell! You are incredible, 3 vmas ! We love u all soo much! All 3 of them are for u! Thank you!" 

Harry went for: "We owe you everything. Thank you so much for this. Three VMAs!! YEAH .x" - we like his use of shouty capitals at the end. It's very sugarscape.

One Direction win three awards at the MTV VMAs

We can only imagine how the boys must be feeling right now, but we're hoping that they're drinking copious amounts of fizzy pop while doing the conga and singing Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now'. Or something.

Silly question, but are you happy 1D did so well at the VMAs last night?

Missed the ceremony? DON'T WORRY the whole thing will be shown in the UK on MTV at 9pm tonight. Hooray!

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