EXCLUSIVE: Dappy reveals all the details about new The Wanted collaboration 'Bring It Home'

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With new track Good Intentions out this week, we sat down with Dappy to find out what he's been getting up to.

It sounds like he's pretty busy and not only has he been finishing up the album, but hanging out with Tulisa, discussing the N-Dubz reunion and even writing a brand new track with The Wanted.

Dappy album cover

Dappy and Nathan have been some very busy bees and we should get to hear the fruits of their labours, which is apparently called Bring It Home, VERY soon.

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As well as talking all things musical, we couldn't resist getting Dappy to have a go at our new favourite game, 'When Lyrics Get Serious.'

If you are easily offended by swearing, you might want to go and draw a picture of some unicorns instead of watching the video..

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We are slightly scared at how good Dappy is at doing the whole serious thing. After seeing that, we can't help thinking there must be an identical Dappy in a parallel universe somewhere, happily wearing tweed suits and teaching English for a job.

Check out what Dappy had to say about music, The Wanted and Tulisa here..



What do you think of all that then? Comments please!

You can check out the video here and order yourself a copy of the track here

Dappy reveals new album Bad Intentions

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