Niall Horan on One Direction being "upset" over leaked Live While We're Young

We all felt a strange mixture of emotions when Live While We're Young leaked last week. We obviously felt a teensy bit bad abouse watching a grainy video and listening to a shoddy recording of One Direction's new single, but a fairly giant chunk of us had also been waiting for those moments for SO LONG we didn't really care how the music got inside us, as long as it got properly stuck in there.

niall horan live while we're young video

Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O found out from Niall Horan this week that One Direction were a bit miffed about the leak as well.

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"We were just sitting around and having dinner, and someone came in and told us that the osng had been leaked, like, the first minute of it," he told them.

"We were kind of upset because it was only like four days away from radio, so it would have been a lot worse if it was like two or three weeks before that, because then we would have had to pull the whole plan out.  But it wasn't that hard, all the radio guys pulled together and basically pulled everything we were gonna do on the day of release to that day."

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niall horan topless in one direction live while we're young video

"It was a bit annoying that the fans got to hear a crap online version... so we wanted to get it out as soon as we could."

He went on to talk about the second single ("I don't think that'll be too long in coming around") being topless in the video ("All I remember was they threw me in the pool") and jamming with Justin Bieber.

It's really a very good chat.

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