Louis Tomlinson: "Take Me Home is pretty similar to Up All Night"

One Direction are making us all wait until November 13th until they release Take Me Home, but are doing a pretty good job chattering about it in the meantime. Nice one fellas. If you could chat about Sugarscape when you’re on the telly next that would be awesome – we can pay you in chocolate fingers and a Joe McElderry album that’s been used as a frisbee (it’s all we have right now).

louis tomlinson chatty man alan carr

ANYWAY, Louis Tomlinson told Alan Carr about their second album as he lounged about on the Chattyman sofa this week.

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“We haven’t changed it up too much,” said The Tomlinator.

“We wanted to keep it similar but just make some subtle differences.

“It’s more live sounding and acoustic. Like Liam said, pretty similar to the first album.”

Considering Live While We’re Young sounds like it could have been a track from Up All Night that we missed because we were distracted wondering about the parties with ‘people going all the way’, we’re not too shocked to hear this.

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We chatted to lyrical genius and One Direction’s mastermind Savan Kotecha about the new album last night – check back for his insider knowledge later today (we’re too busy eating the chocolate fingers for now) and get the full scoop on the new record.

If you want.

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