EXCLUSIVE: Savan Kotecha on Cher Lloyd's American success

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Savan Kotecha's probably a pretty permanent fixture inside your brain and you don't even know it. He's written chart topping singles for pretty much every popstar that's important today including JLS, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Britney, Justin Bieber, Leona Lewis and Glee shows, has been a vocal coach on The X Factor, and is currently splitting his time between launching Cher Lloyd's album Sticks & Stones in the States and working on One Direction's Take Me Home.

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We caught up with him this week at Stupid O'Clock in the morning before he headed off to the studio to ask him about Cher Lloyd and his baby, naturally.

savan kotecha

'sup Savvers, how's everyone feeling about Cher Lloyd's album coming out in the US next week then?
I’m having meetings and then heading down to the Ellen Show with her today actually, just to make sure it all goes smoothly. Everyone's feeling good I think.
It’s hard because she’s from England so she has to always fly back and forth to do her promo, but the reaction has been great. It is all One Direction mania in some places, but thousands of people show up if she even just goes to a radio station. She did something at a mall and they were expecting about 400 people and 2000 kids showed up screaming their heads off.

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Yeah, it all looked a  bit mental at that milkshake place a few weeks ago...
It’s funny with the milkshake thing, when she first came to LA – my old place in LA was like, right on that street – one of the first things we did in LA was I took her there to get a milkshake. The person there was like "Ohh you look like you’re an artis"’ to her, and she was like "Oh, yeah i am in England" all shy, and he was like "Maybe you’ll have your own milkshake here one day." That was like 2 years ago, so... that’s kinda fun.

That's amazing, like an awesome feel-good film ending; Cher gets her own milkshake, everyone leaves on a high...

So right, the album's out in the US next week - but won't everyone have heard it on YouTube already seeing as it's been out here for yonks?
Yeah, er, thats one of the problems.

cher lloyd making milkshakes

But her US fans will still buy it because they love her so much?
We hope so, but unfortunately record companies are run by old men who don’t understand the internet, so you get that [laughs], but we should have a top ten album which will be a big result for her – especially with just one single really. She hasn’t really started any maaaajor major promo in America yet, she’s doing that this week and next week, so that should help.

There's that new song Oath on there, are there any more?
There’ll be one more song called Behind The Music, and then there’s a bonus track called Riot i think, but yeah, two new songs. I didn’t work on them we just helped. I’ve just had a baby!

Ahh of course, how IS Genius Baby doing?

He’s good man, I mean, he’s a genius. He’s at home doing my taxes right now

What's been his most genius development of late?

Today he learned how to say Mama, which is good.

We’re pretty scared of babies so could be wrong, but isn’t it a bit early for talking?
YEAH. He’s five months.

You can't speak at five months. You're a liar.
Well he does. So there.

This kid’s gonna make you a fortune.
I know right. He’s really cute. I know everyone says their baby is really cute, but it’s like having a cute puppy or something –we can’t even go to the grocery store with him now because it’s just so annoying.

Cher Lloyd's album Sticks & Stones is released in the USA next week - WATCH THIS SPACE for the updates on how she does across the pond, and for more from Savan about the One Direction boys and his songwriting genius.

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