Ed Sheeran shows off his tattoos at Bite of Las Vegas festival - PICs and VIDEO

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Ed Sheeran might be off touring the world, but he and his favourite pair of shorts stopped off along their way to play at the Bite of Las Vegas festival in Nevada over the weekend.

Ed Sheeran plays the Bite of Las Vegas festival and looks fit while he does it

El Sheero was showing off that tattoo sleeve of his in all its glory as he belted out all the hits for the crowd of fans.

We're pretty sure he doesn't need to worry about finding himself a bird either as from the looks of all the banners people we waving at him,  there were plenty of girls who would love the opportunity for a look inside his Lego House.

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Ed Sheeran plays the Bite of Las Vegas festival and looks fit while he does it

After playing it sounds like he headed out to see the sights and ended up having a bit of a dance off in what we really hope was one of Vegas's famous chapels of love.

"Got a bit carried away last night. Threw some epic shapes dancing to a wedding band in the casino. I regret nothing," he tweeted.

If anyone can track down a photo of him doing it in an Elvis costume, we'll give you 10 bonus points, but in the mean time, have a watch of him performing A Team..

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Give Me Love..

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You Need Me, I Don't Need You..

Oh Ed, we really do need you. To the extent that we'd give you a zig-a-zig-ah if you asked.

What do you think of all that then? Comments please..

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