Ellie Goulding worried about ex-boyfriend Greg James's reaction to new album Halcyon

They might have broken up at the end of last year, but it sounds like all Ellie Goulding and Greg James's dirty laundry is about to get a very public airing as apparently her new album is all about their achy breaky hearts.

Ellie Goulding and Greg James who have split up

The biggest thing most of us have to worry about when splitting up with an other half is whether we'll ever get our Dawson's Creek DVDs back, but having a singer for an ex-girlfriend has made things a bit more complicated for Greg.

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Although they are apparently still good pals, Ellie couldn't help writing about their relationship on new album Halcyon and so decided to let the Radio 1 presenter have a listen to the finished product before unleashing it on the world.

"The last record I felt like I was singing about stuff like that and I thought it was really sincere but I listen back and I think, God that was really naive, that was nothing," Ellie told The Sun.

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"This time it's the real deal. There's stuff about Greg. I played it to him because I felt that was better than him hearing it randomly somewhere."

Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson with Skrillex and Ellie<br />

Not long after her relationship ended with Greg, Ellie started dating her now boyfriend Skrillex, although apparently at the time, finding a new boyfriend was the last thing on her mind.

"I met him because we emailed for a bit and we did a track together then we met in Memphis," she aded. "I was out there for something, I remember out of impulse just getting on a flight and going to Memphis." 

"Nothing happened or anything, but I hung out with him and his friends and just had the best night ever. That was kind of the beginning really. He is a lovely guy, he really is."

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