Liam Payne: 'The Wanted's career has been more about One Direction than anything else'

In an ideal world, all boybands would hold hands and thread flowers in each other's carefully styled hair, but while we might not be there quite yet, One Direction's Liam Payne has had a few things to say about fellow musicians The Wanted.

Liam Payne says The Wanted's career is all about One Direction.. Erm..

With both bands cracking America this year, there have been all sorts of stories in the media about their friendly rivalry, but according to Liam, the lads generally just ignore it.

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"To be honest, we haven't really got a problem with anyone," Liam told Now. "We've never really said anything about it. We've kind of ignored it.

"But for me, The Wanted have made their career more about us than anything else. They've only got themselves to blame.

"They do their dance music and we'll do our rock'n'roll kind of thing. They've constantly compared us in the press. They rose to the bait, whereas we've said they can do what they want.

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"When we first spoke to them, when we were on the X Factor, they were really nice. But then you hear these stories and can't quite believe what people are saying.

Liam Payne says The Wanted's career is all about One Direction.. Erm..

We can see why there might be some friendly banter between the two bands, as Liam agreed after seeing that video of The Wanted being mistaken for 1D at this year's VMAs.

"It's not very good for them, is it? But competition is healthy, so we're not worried," he added.

What do you think of all that then?

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