One Direction named most popular X Factor act in social media history

One Direction have won yet another accolade to add to their growing pile - this time, it's the title of most popular X Factor act in social media history.

Yeah, we could have told you that without the need for any fancy data collection service.

one direction top social media poll

The social impact list takes all types of social network activity into consideration, including Twitter followers, Facebook likes and Youtube views - and apaz, One Direction top the chart when it comes to former X Factor acts.

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According to social chart Starcount, the boys have generated a mahoosive score of 117.5 million points, which does sound impressive, even if we have no idea what it really means.

Leona Lewis - who won the X Factor in 2006 nabbed second place with 27.8m points, while Cher Lloyd scooped third place with 26m points.

Last year's winners Little Mix currently have a total of 9.7 million points leaving them in fourth place, and Matt Cardle comes in at number five.

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one direction top social media poll

Well... congratulations 1D - we imagine topping this list feels almost as good as that time you won 3 VMAs. Ahem.

If you're still interested, the full list is as FOLLOWS:

1. One Direction (117m points)

2. Leona Lewis (27.8m points)

3. Cher Lloyd (26m points)

4. Little Mix (9.7m points)

5. Matt Cardle (5.8m points)

6. X Factor Australia (4.4m points)

7. Frankie Cocozza (4.3m points)

8. Jedward (4.1m points)

9. Rebecca Ferguson (4m points)

10. Amelia Lily (3.4m points)

Erm, now we don't mean to be picky - but where the hecky peck are JLS and Olly Murs? SURELY they've amassed more points than the likes of Amelia Lily and Matt Cardle?

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