Album Review: One Direction Take Me Home - track by track

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A huge squeal of excitement went round the office today - when the lovely people at Syco sent us a preview copy of One Direction's Take Me Home to review for you lovely lot.

It's fair to say that it feels as though we've been waiting forever this album, with the brilliant first two singles - Live While We're Young and Little Things - only making us even more bladdy desperate to hear the whole thing.

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take me home album review

Well Scapers, the day has arrived and we. are. not. disappointed.

The boys have been saying for a while that Take Me Home is similar to Up All Night in terms of sound, and that's true to a certain extent - but this second offering from the biggest boyband on the planet also has a whole load more of added oomph, sass - and personality.

Basically, It's like Up All Night had a baby with something AWESOME.

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Going on tour has clearly influenced the 1D lads too - we can imagine almost every single track sounding incredible in a stadium - and it's obviously been recorded with that in mind.

There's also more of a personal feel to a lot of the lyrics, which we'd expect, considering the boys got involved with writing this time round.

One Direction preview individual album covers for Take Me Home - PICS

The overall sound is obviously still pure pop - but there's more to it than that, with an ode to some of the (good) nineties boybands, a nod to eighties stadium rock and even some dance-music vibes - all wrapped up in the shiny One Direction style that we know and love.

Now we know you lot, and we knew that a simple summary of the HOTLY anticipated second album simply wouldn't be enough - so we've broken it down for you, track by flipping track.

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1. Live While We're Young

Yeah, we all know it's awesome - there's no need to elaborate really, is there?

One Direction preview individual album covers for Take Me Home - PICS

2. Kiss You

Upbeat and cheeky – this one will have you dancing before you have any idea what’s happening. The brilliant hook 'Let me kiss you' combined with some great falsetto notes in the chorus and a 'na na na na' bit (every good song has a na na na na) make this one hell of a track. 

Best line: ‘Let me kiss you.' YES PLEASE. 

Cheesiest line: ‘I just wanna show you off to all my friends/make them drool down their chinny chin chins.' Sexy.

Listen to it when: You’re snogging your One Direction posters. Or is it just us that does that?

If this track was a member of One Direction, it would be: Mr Styles. Who loves a bit of casual snogging more than our Harreh?

3. Little Things

Again, we all know that we love this - let's move on to the new stuff!

4. C'mon C'mon

Despite what we first thought, this is *not* a song about Niall Horan trying to get the rest of the band down to Nando's with him. Instead, it's a proper funky little number with a Kelly Clarkson vibe. Full of saucy lyrics, it's One Direction at their best - and one of our favourite tracks on the album.

Best line: 'The one that I came with, didn't know how to move/The way that you let your hair down/I can tell that you do.' Charming.

Listen to it when: You're strutting along the street feeling fabulous, dahlings.

If this track were a member of One Direction, it would be: Luigi T. This one has the sasquatch written all over it.

One Direction preview individual album covers for Take Me Home - PICS

5. Last First Kiss

Hold on to yer ovaries, because Louis, Liam and Zayn co-wrote this song - and Niall has already said that it's his favourite on the album. SWOON. Stripped back with subtle guitar strumming building up to a feel-good crescendo of a chorus, this has a touch of a Busted feel to it and is WELL EMOTIONAL. 

Best line: 'I wanna be last yeah/Baby let me be your/Let me be your last first kiss'

Second best line: 'I wanna be first/I wanna be the first/To take it all the way like this'

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Listen to it when: You just want to fangirl over how darn lovely the 1D lads are.

If this were a member of One Direction it would be: It's gotta be Liam, Zayn AND Louis really, hasn't it?

6. Heart Attack

If we had to descibe Heart Attack (which we do) we'd say that it was the lovechild of What Makes You Beautiful, and a Pink song. Also the boys all say 'AWOOO' in really high voices a lot, which we love.

Best line: 'You're giving me a heart attack, looking like you do.'

Listen to it when: You're getting ready for a night out, to give you a cofidence boost, obvs.

If this were a member of One Directon it would be: Zayn. We can sort of imagine him singing that line while having a little pout at himself in the mirror.

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7. Rock Me

The name may have given it away slightly, but this really does have a rockstar vibe - in fact, it even starts with the same clappy rhythm as Queen's infamous 'We Will Rock You.' There's lots of awesome solos giving us the chance to hear the boys' voices loud and clear too, which is always nice.

Best line: 'R-O-C-K me again' - because it almost sounds like they're singing a different word ending with the same two letters... teehee.

Confusing line: 'I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you can' - eh?

Listen to it when: You want to feel BAD ASS.

If this were a member of One Direction it would be: Liam. Haven't you heard? He's a right rebel these days.

One Direction preview individual album covers for Take Me Home - PICS

8. Change My Mind

Melodramatic and moody, we can imagine the lads staring at the falling rain through a window while biting their lips and singing this. Sensual.  

Best line: Oh Ohoooh Oh Ohhhhhh (there’s a lot of dramatic Ohhhh's)

Listen to it when: You're feeling heartbroken and/or on an angsty high. 

If this was a member of One Direction it would be: Zayn in full on pout mode.

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 9. I Would

Upbeat with plenty of guitar sounds, this is a track about stealing a girl from her boyfriend. Written by the McFly boys, it's got that kind of pop-rock sound we all know and love, and is guarenteed to have you singing along in no time.

Best line: 'Kill me without any worry, if you took a look in my brain.'

Strangest bit:  There's loads of whistling. Slightly sinister whistling.

Listen to it when: Daydreaming about one of the 1D boys turning up to sweep you off your feet.

If it was a member of One Direction it would be: Harry....

One Direction preview individual album covers for Take Me Home - PICS

10. Over again

Toned down melodies and moody beats conjure up images of a the boys looking sad and sexy while sitting in a dark, empty cold room with a dripping roof. That was very descriptive, wasn't it? 

Best line: ‘I can make the tears fall down like the showers that are British’

Cheesiest line: ‘Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo’

Listen to it when: You want to cry.

If this was a member of One Direction it would be: Liam after he broke up with Danielle.*sob*

11. Back For You

Jaunty, punchy and words like that. A proper 80s pop-rock song that stadiums of teenage girls will go insane for - made even better by the fact the boys co-wrote this one, too.

Best line: 'Whenever I close my eyes I picture you there/I'm looking out at the crowd, you're everywhere.'

Cheesiest line: No real cheese, but we can imagine the boys dressed in eighties mullet wigs while singing this. IMAGINE IF THEY ACTUALLY DID THAT ON TOUR.

If this were a member of One Direction it would be: Niall. Actually, Niall going mental after having a shot of extra hot peri-peri sauce.

take me home album review

12. They don’t know about us

A classic pop boyband ballad, with a touch of the 90s (in a good way) - think The Backstreet Boys or perhaps even N*Sync with a 1D twist.

Best line: We love the chorus – 'They don’t know about up all night/They don't know I've waited all my life/To find a love that feels this right' - Awwww.

Line that makes us wish they were our boyfriends even more than usual: ‘They don’t know what we do best.'

Listen to it when: You're having a snuggle with your boyfriend/One Direction doll.

If this were a member of One Direction it would be: Louis, because we can imagine him singing it girlfriend Eleanor.

13. Summer Love

NOT a cover of that Grease tune everyone sings at weddings, as we originally thought. A weepy slow one with a kickin' chorus that had us swaying in our chair and feeling all emotional, this has a bit of a Taylor Swift feel to it in places.

Best line: 'You were mine for the summer/Now we know it's nearly over/feels like snow in September/But I always will remember'

The 'could sound a bit dirty' line: 'Make the last time just like the first time/Push your button and rewind.'

Listen to it when: You're missing somebody special.

If this were a member of One Direction it would be: ALL OF THEM. WE LOVE THEM ALL.

So there you have it people, Take Me Home is mad sick awesome, and we actually can not WAIT for you to hear it. Are you excited?


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