Exclusive: Little Mix on the personal experiences that influenced new album DNA - VIDEO

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Little Mix have been teasing us about debut album DNA for what seems like our whole entire lives, but now that it's almost here, we sat down for a chat with the girls to find out about the all these lovelorn and kick-ass girl tracks they've been keeping up their very fashionable sleeves.

EXCLUSIVE: Little Mix chat to Sugarscape about the personal experiences that influenced new album DNA

Not wanting to rush anything, Little Mix have taken almost a year to work on their shiny new album and it's a pretty personal one, full of tracks inspired by their own experiences.

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"I think when we started writing the album, we wanted to make sure that most of the album was for the fans and would help them feel better," Jade said.

"We just want everyone to listen to it and feel good about themselves."

Little Mix reveal debut album DNA and album cover - PICS

There are some pretty personal bits on there too and apparently the songs are all written about feelings and relationships that the gals have been through themselves.

"We wanted to everyone to listen to the songs and relate to them and they're all wrote from personal experiences," Jesy explained

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Leigh added: "What I love is that every time we write a song it's written in our own perspective, it's about this one thing but we've all been through it, if that makes sense, in different ways."


Oooh, so what do you think of all that then? Excited to get your hands on the album?

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