Ella Henderson stuck in record label 'bidding war'

Ella Henderson is reportedly in the middle of a record label ‘bidding war’ since being booted from X Factor last Sunday.

To us, a bidding war tends to be associated with the final moments on an eBay handbag auction, and makes Ella sound like cattle or something.

ella henderson x factor signed

But don't worry, Ella isn't cramped up in a barn, being branded with irons. Instead, a whole number of prestigious record labels are fighting to get her on their team.

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Reports say that Epic, Columbia and RCA are all battling against Simon Cowell’s Syco Records to sign Ella, and Sean Henderson, Ella’s dad and manager, has been in meetings with various companies, but no deals will be confirmed until after the X Factor final in December.

ella henderson x factor signed

Obviously SiCo himself is pretty keen to get Ella on his label, which boasts the likes of One Direction and Leona Lewis, but as long as she stays within the Sony company he’ll still be getting some dolla from it.

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And insider told The Sun, "Simon can't believe she got the boot, but he's not losing any sleep over it as he can see the pound signs in his eyes. He's confident Syco will get her, but if she goes elsewhere within Sony he's still quids in."

Either way, Ella looks set to be a star, and is keen to show the world her singing and song writing abilities without the watchful eye of Tulisa forcing her to suck the life out of the happiest of tunes. We can't wait.

Ella Henderson "won't go off the rails like Britney Spears."

Ella Henderson is out and we are in SHOCK.

A windswept Ella Henderson and Union J head to X Factor rehearsals.

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