Robert Pattinson doesn't know who One Direction are

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Robert Pattinson might be the most famous vampire around, but he's still got a boyband loving secret. You don't have to worry about him elbowing you out of the way to cop a feel of One Direction's crotches though as it turns out that he's too busy drawing hearts on all his posters of Westlife. Well, probably.

Robert Pattinson doesn';t know who One Direction are - he'd rather be in Westlife

It sounds like all this Edward Cullen method acting may have gone to Rob's head and clearly feeling a bit giddy, he expressed his love of boybands from the olden days in a recent interview.

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Don't get us wrong, we love a bit of Uptown Girl sung in matching blue leather, but get with the picture R-Patz; it's a brave new world out there and One Direction are leading the way.

Pondering whether he'd rather join Westlife or 1D, Rob told MSN: "Westlife, definitely. Westlife are one of my favorite bands."

"I actually don’t know any songs that One Direction have done. I’ve just seen pictures of them.”

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You mean K-Stew doesn't seranade you with What Makes You Beautiful every time you strut your way out of the shower? What kind of life are you LIVING here Rob?

Robert Pattinson doesn';t know who One Direction are - he'd rather be in Westlife

Jeez. Blue leather it is then. We'll look forward to seeing that collaboration, but imagine it'll look a little bit like when he takes off all his clothes in a limo.


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