Girls Aloud sway in sheets for brand new 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me' video

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Girls Aloud are back with new track Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me and despite our worst fears that it was going to be as utterly disappointing as Something New, they've gone and surprised us with a stonking good pop video.

Girls Aloud dress up in sheets for new Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me video and it's BRILLIANT

The gals have clearly been a bit clever with this one and appealing to our need for a big ballad (sorry Tulisa), they've combined some awesome, soaring vocals with a video that involves everything necessary to get us well away on the festive bandwagon.

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As cheesy as the track had the potential to be, the video they've come up with gives into itself to the point where we can't even resist the excessive face touching, blatant product placement and standard swaying in an outfit made of old sheets.

Girls Aloud premiere new video for second single off Ten - Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me

We're not going to lie, there are some questionable moments on the lyrics front - particularly "Standing over the basin/I've been washing my face in" - yet we will forgive it because we're the gals are together, singing and looking a right treat on the eyes too.

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Check it out..

Let's just say we're already planning trying to recreate this at the office Christmas do.

What do you think? Love it or think we've watched Love Actually one too many times?


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