Aidan Davis 'Let's Dance' New Video: WATCH

New kid on the block Aidan Davis has just released the brand spanking sparkly video for his new single Let’s Dance, sampling David Bowie’s classic hit and mixed up with some modern vocals. COOL.

aidan davis

If you’re looking at these photos and thinking, I SWEAR I KNOW HIM WHERE DO I KNOW HIM FROM OH GOD, it’s because Aidan co-hosts the CBBC TV show Friday Download, which has just won a BAFTA. There we go, put you out of your misery.

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We’ve picked out our 5 fave things about the new vid, why not check it out for yourself?

1. The sheer amount of primary colours on show.
Our migraine is now in full force, but it was of course thoroughly enjoyable to see. Blue hoodie, green headphones, red shoes. Kind of like a primary school art session with the poster paints out.

aidan davis

2. Body roll after body roll.
This is one dance move we’ve never managed to perfect (GOD KNOWS WE’VE TRIED), but Aidan’s got it nailed. He can even whack one out on a busy London bridge and people don’t even bat an eyelid because it’s just SO COOL.

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3. The moody sun silhouette shot.
A pop rap video is not a pop rap video without a shot of the star with his hood up looking pensively into the distance whilst the sun casts him into shadow. A visual winner if we ever saw one.

aidan davis

4. THAT dance move where it looks like his head’s sliding off his body.
SO. FRICKIN. GOOD. Must learn asap and whack it out the bag on our the next night out. Our friends will definitely disown us, but we will feel a sense of great satisfaction that we are as cool as Aidan Davis.

5. He’s quite fit
Well that was always going to be one of these 5 points wasn’t it? You know us too well. See for yourself...

Are you liking Aidan’s new song?

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