Conor Maynard's new video for 'Animal' feat. Wiley is out: WATCH

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If you, like us, have been feeling like your life has been lacking a pair of tight trousers, some immaculate trainers and an impish little face, FEAR NOT. Conor Maynard is back with a brand new video for his track 'Animal' featuring Wiley. Thank god for that.

conor maynard

We begin with Wiley and his grillz introducing himself in true gentlemanly fashion, “YO...WILEY...CONOR MAYNARD...ANIMAL”. Just incase we forgot who we were listening to. So considerate.

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The video itself is going for a pretty moody, urban kinda thang involving a lot of dark tunnels, flickery lights and moody silhouettes. Very cool. It’s like when you’re walking home from a night out and you have to go through that creepy alleyway on your own and you’re convinced you’re going to die, all brought to life in one pop video. HOORAH.

conor maynard

Luckily Conor abandons the tunnels to give us a crackin’ performance of the song infront of loads of massive speakers, and is accompanied by a slightly scary bird dancing on some drainpipes, and a drummer who looks a bit like the guy from The Raven.

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conor maynard

For the majority of it though, we just get to perve on Conor looking delish in his leather jacket, so that’s alright. Plus it’s a bit of a tune as well. *Replays*

Watch the whole video for yourselves right here:

We caught up with Conor a while ago to talk about what he’s up to.


What do you think of Conor’s new video?

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