We might know and love X Factor's James Arthur for his upturned collar and ability to strum a guitar at any given moment, but apparently he's still completely shocked that his indie approach to music managed to win him the show.

X Factor's James Arthur has already written songs 'perfect' for One Direction.

The fact that James's debut single Impossible has already become the fastest-selling X Factor winner's single of all time should probably be enough to reassure him that he isn't the butt of some large cosmic joke, but even so he's still surprised about the whole thing.

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In fact, when he first entered the show, James didn't think his alternative style would necessarily be that popular with the usually more mainstream approach of X Factor.

Speaking to Digital Spy, James said: "I didn't think I'd fit the criteria of the show because you do have to have the full package, and I've never looked at myself as a Justin Bieber."

X Factor's James Arthur isn't Justin Bieber. Apparently.

"But I had belief in my abilities and faith in the set of skills I had as a musician. I've surprised myself, but I have a lot more self belief now," he continued.

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"Hopefully I've made some sort of history on the show just by doing something a little bit different - I'm not professing to be the greatest thing to come out of The X Factor or anything like that, but I've definitely stuck to my guns and I think that's helped me."

Bearing in mind that he's wandering around with the (admittedly imaginary) X Factor crown on his head, it's probably not surprising that James is raving about just how great the show is. That said, it does sound like he's got a point.

X Factor's James Arthur isn't Justin Bieber. Apparently.

"There isn't a platform out there better than The X Factor," he said. "It's all politics [in the music industry]. You've got to know someone who knows someone who knows someone to get the type of coverage you'll get on The X Factor... I had to do it purely because, who doesn't want to be successful?"

Having seen him sing every week for the last two months without the merest hint of a white tracksuit or jaunty leather gilet, we can't say we're that surprised to hear James say he isn't planning on going the Bieber route to be honest.

Not that we'd have a problem if he did fancy thrusting his crotch about on stage, but you know.

What do you think - has James got a point?

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