Harry Styles gets all his cool music from sister Gemma

There’s nothing more difficult than admitting that your big sister has good taste in music. This may have something to do with the fact that ours’ used to dance to Bob the Builder’s Can We Fix It? on repeat with knickers on her head; who knows?

Anyway we’re taking our knicker hats off to One Direction's Harry Styles who’s admitted that sister Gemma is responsible for getting him in to cool bands.

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Harry Styles and Gemma Styles

Oh hello, Vintage Pic.

In a chat with Billboard Hazza confessed: “I actually get a lot of music from my sister, who's into all these bands. She's been listening to and downloading stuff that I get from her.”

Arreh also spoke of a fondness for a bit of folk music. Well done, you’ve officially turned into our dads.

“A lot of times suggested stuff comes on iTunes I'll have a look at it, or the fans will send me things. But I've been listening to The Lumineers. I love their album and also Elvis Perkins, he's great.”

Harry Styles

The Lumineers? Elvis Perkins? It's like we're serious music journalists. Someone put us in touch with Q magazine.

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