EXCLUSIVE: The Blackout Start the Party with some Christmas based filth - VIDEO

When we met up with Welsh rockers The Blackout to talk about shiny new album Start The Party, we never imagined that we'd end up being given a rather blunt demonstration of the brute force necessary to erect a 6ft Nordic Spruce in your living room.

But that's exactly what happened and for some reason, we're getting the impression that it wasn't necessarily their Christmas trees they were alluding too.

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The Blackout talk new album Start The Party, Christmas and general FILTH - exclusive video

With new single Running Scared and their fourth album due for release in the New Year, we thought it was about time to sit down for a chat with the lads about all things musical.

Fortunately all those mince pies and festive knits must have gone to their heads and we ended up having a fairly in depth discussion about the many benefits of tinsel maintenance and bauble positioning.

And that's before the erection of Christmas trees even started...

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Well that was...insightful.

What do you think of all that?

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