Ed Sheeran might have a Grammy nomination and about a gazillion awards for debut album '+' under his belt, but it sounds like he still feels like the new kid on the block when it comes to swanky music industry events.

Ed Sheeran gives Prince William and Kate Middleton some parenting advice for their new baby

El Sheero's had a pretty good year and as far as we can tell seems to have pretty much every artist under the sun keen to get him involved in their music.

That said, he still finds the industry side of things a bit odd and apparently always feels like the new kid on the first day of school.

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"You have bullies, popular kids, the kids who are weird," Ed told the Daily Star.

"I'm probably the weird kid no one talks to."

Well with Taylor Swift, One Direction and James Arthur keen to share their Cheesestring with you, we don't reckon you're doing too badly Edward.

ed sheeran and taylor swift

But if you need someone to plait your hair and let you copy maths homework, we're more than up for the challenge.

What do you think about what Ed has to say?

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