Justin Bieber announces new tracks for acoustic 'Believe' album

It might be the Christmas holidays, but there's no hanging about seeing how many Babybels you can fit in your gob for Justin Bieber, who's instead spent his time off recording a couple of new tracks to add to the acoustic release of latest album Believe, due out in January.

That's just another reason he is a gold and fondue plated popstar and we are facing a day of nothing more than cheese related night terrors.

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Justin Bieber announces January 2013 release date of acoustic Believe album and new tracks

Tweeting his followers to share the news, the Biebs said: "8 wasnt enough. had to write some more new ones. now im putting out 10 SONGS on#BELIEVEacoustic. Im telling u. PREORDER it now :)" [sic]

While we naturally assumed that this was meant as a confirmation that there will be 10 naked pictures on the cover art, El Biebo's manager, Scooter Braun, went and crushed all our dreams by reiterating that they were definitely just talking about the music. At least there's some new music instead.

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"For those asking yes @justinbieber played guitar on the acoustic album. and yes there r now 10 song not 8 because he wrote 2 new ones 2nite," he tweeted.

"No BS when i say we are all really happy with how #BELIEVEacoustic turned out. It all sounds new and organic. Think u will all love it."

We don't know what organic sounds like as we thought that was just a soil grade, but we'll go ahead and imagine it's going to sound a little like this...

Ooh and ERR.

Acoustic albums are fun aren't they? Let's hope this one involves lots of sexy grunting noises - the only time they seem acceptable is with an acoustic guitar in your hand. Or so we've heard.

What do you think about this - excited or reckon the regular edition is more your cuppa tea?

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